Who are the Tembisa Tots? There is a small orphanage in the township of Tembisa, South Africa. I was introduced to Mama and these darling tots in May 2011.

This local orphanage has changed my life. Regina (Mama) and the children have opened my eyes to a new world and perspective. I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience what I have.

My parents served an LDS mission in Johannesburg and had volunteered and “watched” over Regina and these tots The stories about Mama and these tots moved me and I started fundraising for these sweet innocent children. My heart has been touched by these children and Mama’s heart of gold.

Their needs are so great but yet so simple to us here in the states. Their biggest need is food. Making sure they receive a couple meals a day is the most important. With our help, we can buy them groceries on a regular basis and also help with other needs.

All proceeds go directly to the orphanage. Whether it be food, toys, diapers, or medicine, everything will is for Mama and the children. I’m not asking for any large donations, but a simple amount would do so much for them.

I hope your hearts are softened and you’ll be touched like I have and want to make a small difference for these Tembisa Tots.

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    • Hi Dave,
      Do you live in South Africa? I can get you in touch with some friends who lives by the orphanage if you’d like to visit and check out the needs.
      Thank you for your interest! It’s much appreciated!

  1. Michelle Patton says:

    Dear Tembisa Tots

    My daughter turns 15 years old in February 2014. She wants to give back this year as part of her birthday celebration. She is very keen to host a birthday party at Tembisa Tots, along with 8 of her friends. In addition to having a party with cake and party packs for each child in the home, she and her friends want to donate reading books to each child and spend a morning reading children’s stories. Please would you assist in her mission by providing details of how I can get in touch with those who are involved in the day to day running of the home? We are based in Pretoria (South Africa) and the distance to Tembisa is around a 45 minute to 1 hour drive. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Michelle!
      You are so sweet! I hope you were able to go see Mama and the kids for your daughters birthday. What an incredible daughter you have! Please keep me posted if you are able to make it over there. I’d love to hear all about it. It’s hard living so far away from Mama and the kids… but with loving people like you and your daughter, I know Mama and the kids are being watched over! God bless!

  2. I would really appreciate that, and I too wanna spend my 32nd birthday with the kids. We have been blessed all our lives to have birthdays and everything I know think it’s time that we not make things about us, cause we doing everything for the Glory of the Lord. I’m so looking forwad to start working with the kids and being a blessing to them for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Thank u.

    • Hi Moloko,
      Thank you for asking! I will have my dear friends contact you who also live in South Africa, close to the orphanage. They’ll be able to get your the information you need.
      Thank you so much!

  3. Rebotile says:

    Good day, I would really love to visit mama and the kids,check how I can help the kids. Please email me for more details.

  4. Tash says:

    Please contact me regarding this project, as i would like to look at ways in getting involved. We are a corporate

  5. Mampho Modise says:

    Good day

    My little angel is turning one in January 2015 and I would love to celebrate her birthday with the Tots. May you please link me to Mama and the Tots so we can have a wonderful time with the Tots.
    Thank you very much

  6. Palesa says:

    Hi, I’d like to help out on weekends with the kids as a volunteer and help to raise funds and get donations for the orphanage. I live in Midstream Estates which would make it easy for me to come for visits 🙂

  7. Irma says:

    Hi there, can I please have the contact details of Mama to arrange sponsorship for Madiba’s day 18 July 2015? I need the contact details soonest possible.
    Thank You

    • Hi Irma,

      Here is our email address,tembisatots@gmail.com. Please send me your information and we can get in contact with you about Mandela Day. Thank you for your interest in helping Mama and the tots!

  8. Cindy Selekane says:

    You guys are doing an amazing thing.
    I would like to ask for your contact details please
    Thank you

  9. Hi.

    We are a Real Estate Agency MiDrand.
    Every year we do a charity drive for one of our homes in Midrand. This year we would love to support you. Please let me know how many kids reside at the home and if you have a wish list. Thank you.

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