Birthday Party with the Tots…

This young girl is truly amazing! Who would have thought a young teen would want to spend her birthday with a group of small orphans? Well, meet Georgia. Her birthday wish was to celebrate her birthday with Mama and the kids for her birthday.


“Yesterday I celebrated my 15th birthday with the amazing children at Tembisa Tots orphanage. I hope the children enjoyed THEIR party, and I can’t wait to see them again – soon! Thank you so much Mama for all you do for these children, you are truly an inspiration. Lots of love to Mama and to each and every one of those children, from Georgia.”

I just want to reach through the computer and give her the biggest hug ever! The kids look like they are having the time of their lives. Georgia and her friends sure made an impact on their little lives and I know Mama loved every minute of it too.

Thank you Georgia. Thank you for being such a wonderful person and having a loving heart. Keep it up my dear, keep it up.

Help is always needed…


I was able to talk with Dominic and Moipone this morning for about an hour and get details about Mama and the kids. My heart sank as I heard the condition of some of the kids and what they are dealing with. I wish so badly I could snap my fingers and be there to help take care of them.

There are so many things that need to happen and my mind and heart are frantically trying to get organized and prioritize the most critical things first. It’s very difficult when all their needs are number one.

Right now it is winter time. The children are in need of sweaters, shoes, warmer clothes. Even though it’s still about 70 degrees, it’s so cold for them. Most of the children have gotten Impetigo again. They had it around the same time last year. Impetigo is Impetigo, one of the most common skin infections among kids, usually produces blisters or sores on the face, neck, hands, and diaper area. They crack and bleed, itch, and are so uncomfortable.  We have been able to get the children the antibiotic for it. It’s a cream but the hard part is making sure they are applying it regularly and watching it. Some of the kids have been asked to stay home from school due to the impetigo. The teachers do not want other students contracting it.


This is Esa and the back of her head is covered with impetigo.

It can be prevented with good hygiene, hand washing, clean sheets, and clothes. All of which are so difficult to regulate there at the orphanage. Once someone has it, they are more susceptible  to getting it again.

One of the little boys has a broken hand. He went out with other kids to a park and was chased by an ostrich and somehow broke his hand. He hasn’t had treatment for over a week! This little 8 year old boy needs a cast and isn’t able to get one. Luckily, we are taking him tomorrow to a private clinic/hospital and going to get it taken care of.  I just hope he doesn’t have any permanent damage or need surgery. I can’t imagine how painful that is for him! Bless his heart.

Mama is in sad spirits. My dear friends who live close to the orphanage said that she isn’t doing well. There’s so much going on and it’s hard for her to do it all.  She recently just had three more children arrive. One five year old boy, a two year old girl, and a six month old girl.

There are many things I want to try and implement and see if those things can help Mama and the kids. It will take some time and effort on those who live locally, but I am determined to make things better for these beautiful and helpless children. They are too dear to me not to.

Please help make the lives of these kids a little easier and donate to a wonderful cause. The money raised go to medicine for kids like Esa who is suffering from impetigo and several others at the orphanage.

Click here to donate…

KUTV :: News – Pay it Forward – Pay It Forward: Sindee Savage

Last night my daughter and I were featured on our local news station, KUTV Channel 2 on a segment called Pay it Forward. A reporter had contacted me a few weeks and said he wanted to do a personal interest piece on the orphanage. I agreed and thought what a great way to spread the word about our Tembisa Tots!

Little did I know, Mountain America and Channel 2 pair up and surprise people with $500.00 to put towards a good cause. It was such a wonderful and generous surprise! Thank you Mountain America and Channel 2!

Mama and the tots will be so happy to know they are many people who support them and know their story!


Tembisa Tots Fundraiser…

I do need to post about our summer and what we’ve been doing but that’s going to have to wait! I wanted to get this message out about a project I’m working on! I’m really excited and super passionate about it and I hope you  will be too!

My parents are serving a mission in South Africa. One of the many things they do; aside from their regular welfare missionary classes and work, is volunteer at a local orphanage. It’s in a city called Tembisa. 


In 1989, 65 year old Regina Sekgobela, opened a small day care for the children of Tembisa. The main reason for her kindness was to look after children when they finished school. As time passed, parents who dropped their children off, would not return to take their children home. Leaving them in Regina’s care.  Word spread through the township and more and more children were getting left behind.

Today, “Mama” takes in all who enter through her doors. It doesn’t matter if the children come from foster care, are homeless, left by their parents, or dropped off by the police, Mama welcomes them with loving arms.


This orphanage does not recieve any help or funding from government. A local school gives them extra food. Some high school students volunteer their time to help Mama with the kids and work in a small garden.  Mama sells some vegetables for money so she can buy goods for the orphanage. A local LDS ward also helps with necessities when needed.

The Bulamahlo orphanage consists of three trailers. They are about 40 feet long and 15 feet wide. The trailers are used for sleeping, cooking, laundry, bathroom, and playing.
Mama takes the elementary age kids to school each day in her truck and picks them up after school. The younger children stay back and play. Currently, are about 15 – 20 kids at the orphanage. There has been up to 50 plus.







The biggest stress for Mama now is making sure the children have food. They eat two meals a day. The meals are usually “pap” which is like oatmeal, hamburger buns with aa  little jam, or fish pieces in tomato sauce. (delicious, I know) They don’t have treats or any sweets. It’s rare to have fruit and/or vegetables.

A handful of these kids are infected by the HIV virus. Most of their parents are infected and have passed it to on to their kids. These children have no one to look after them, no place to call home, and no one but Mama to look up to.

I know I can’t change the future for these children but I do know I can make a small difference in their lives by providing them with something small and simple. Things we take for granted are things that could brighten their day.

I have created a Facebook Page which I’ll post photos, videos, and updates of this journey.


I’ve had a lot of people ask if they can make hygiene kits, make quilts, or things I can take with me. Honestly, the easiest and best way to help is to donate money. From $5.00 – $20.00 would be plenty. When I get to South Africa, we will go buy the things they need. I don’t have room to take things over with me. All donations go straight the orphanage. I’m not using any of this money for personal use.

Another neat thing I’m doing is documenting everything. Pictures, videos, and message so everyone can see the process. I’m really excited to show the orphanage, kids, and Mama. It would definitely be more meaningful to those who donate to see the lives they are blessing!