Thank you for your interest about these sweet Tembisa Tots. I have a Facebook page that I update with photos and information on Mama and the tots she cares for. Please like my page and help spread the word and love for these beautiful children.

Tembisa Tots Facebook Page

If you’d like to email me directly to learn more information or know how you can help, please email me at:

Many thanks,



11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Good day

    my team and I would LOVE to make a huge donation of clothing and possibly spend a day with the kids, we want to bring food supplies and help around.

    please get back to me for arrangements

    Kind Regards
    Nhlanhla Kubheka

  2. good morning

    my friend and I would love to help the kids with homeworks, clean or do some cooking or washing, help around were we can. we want to spend some time with the kids.

  3. good day.

    my friend and I would like to donate few things and come help at the centre over weekends. my you kindly email me your contacts or address to visit the centre

  4. Good Day.

    Can l please have your contact details, would like to call today if possible. I have somethings that l would like to donate this weekend.

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